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What do men have that most women want?

We hanker for them. 

We know they're out there but we rarely get them.

Pockets. Deep, generous pockets.

I'd bet that most men take them for granted because they're so used to having them. Men's blazers have pockets inside pockets! They get pockets for pens, papers, & personal items. 

Even women's jeans are hardly big enough to carry a quarter so your phone certainly wouldn't fit.

Often only our fingertips will fit into a pocket. Why is that? Maybe we don't want to always carry a bag and so it'd be nice to be able to slip a few items into a cavernous pocket instead. It's really not too much to ask for. 

It's really a big deal for us. Whenever we get in a garment with an admirable pocket we find it's a great selling point. We point the pocket out and women exclaim, "Ohhhh, that's a big pocket. It's very exciting. 


Christina Novak
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