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Sustainable Luxury

Recycling is a beneficial way to help the planet.

The fashion industry causes more pollution and waste than almost any other business; “buy, use once, throw it away” appears to be the mindset of many.

Designer consignment offers an environmentally friendly, yet equally stylish alternative. There is something to be said about purchasing items that are composed of good materials and craftsmanship. The difference of putting on a dress or suit that is well made compared to popping on a cheaply constructed garment is huge; you can see the difference across the room. In addition to recycling designer goods, we work hard every day to remain as environmentally friendly as possible. We recycle dry cleaning plastic and paper covers, hangers, safety pins, boxes, tissue and more.

Yes, it can be inconvenient to have to sort your items, wash them and take them across town to recycle but the time and effort is always a worthy expenditure.

Sometimes it is easier to just donate your items to a local thrift shop — as long as you are not throwing items in the trash or just moving them into another closet to sit and hang around for a couple of decades.