New To You was established in 1992 with 5 Hermes scarves and one great idea - sell "Buying Mistakes" for other people. 

Buying Mistakes = something you thought you loved, but realized soon after that it just isn't you.  Your Chanel bag is too big, your Christian Louboutin sneakers are really a half size too small, the colors in your Hermes scarf don't suit you or your taste in jewelry has changed.   You get the idea.

We've been helping consignors for nearly 3 decades now to reduce the clutter.  Consignment is one of the fastest growing trends in the retail industry.  Resale is becoming the new retail. 

Over the years, we've fine-tuned our resale philosophy.  New to you offers high-end designer pieces that are pre-owned luxury items.  We love designer and vintage clothing because it is creative and authentic.  It is a fact that you will look better in high quality fabric, cut, finishes and details. 

We have been supported by the community since our doors opened and we hit the ground running.  It was always a delightful surprise to find we had been positively mentioned in such prestigious and popular publications as The Washington Post, The Washingtonian, bloggers and famously being featured on the NBC Today Show. 


"I had an appointment this morning to see if they could help me sell several cocktail dresses and gowns.
The store still looks great, organized and so much to choose from. The owner and staff were so welcoming
and took time to review my items.  With great news, all but one was accepted."
- Pam G

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