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How to layer and keep warm in the winter

Layers - Can you tell that I am wearing six tops?

My favorite thing about winter is that I get to wear layers of clothing. The challenge for me is how to keep warm without adding a lot of bulk to my frame. 

I have found that ultra thin tank tops are the trick to staying toasty. I usually will wear three at a time which may sound crazy but when the tops are tissue thin they layer beautifully and trap the warmth.

I see some people walking about with shorts, a tee shirt, with a light jacket and that's it!  I don't know how they do it - I would be miserable, for sure.

Of course, I don't stop there, I have to keep adding more items to keep warm. So once I have the tank tops, I reach for a long sleeved top or thin sweater, throw a cardigan or a blazer on top of that and I am ready to venture out into the cold.