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Plaids & Tweeds

There is something that is very comforting about plaids and tweeds. Once the temperature drops it is so easy to immediately get into a Autumn mindset by putting on your favorite jeans, a black leather jacket, a striped tee shirt, & plaid scarf.

Do you have a pair of boots that you love?  They can be ankle or knee boots depending on whether your jeans are skinny or boot cut. 

If you prefer to wear dresses you can always take a plaid flannel shirt and wear it over your dress by tying a knot at your waist and rolling the sleeves up.

A plaid skirt with a cashmere sweater, a small scarf tied around your neck, tights and flats is an especially fun ensemble to try. Depending upon your comfort level you can wear a mini skirt or something to the knee or even longer as a midi. Don't forget to keep the proportions in mind; if you wear a long sweater with a long skirt sometimes it can appear a bit dumpy.

One of my favorite fall looks is a wool plaid blazer with an Hermes scarf. I have been hunting for ages for a blue Harris Tweed Blazer. I have found brown ones and green ones but I have not found a blue one yet. Harris Tweed jackets are sporty and very warm as they come from the Hebrides in Scotland.

We have to take time to thank sheep for their wonderful wool that is used to make beautiful jackets, dresses, scarves and blankets.

If you really love your boots don't forget to take good care of them. It's important to show them a little tender care  by using some shoe polish or some kind of conditioner to keep your leather soft and subtle. Periodically I like to take my shoes to a professional cobbler and ask them to polish my boots for me. 

If you start to feel really sassy you could mix and match some plaids with stripes, and paisley, and dots but beware as it's easy to run off the rails and just look no-how which is NOT the goal. 

If you're feeling adventurous snap a picture and send it to me. Let me see what you've put together.



Christina Novak


Plaid is to our wardrobe what pumpkin spice is to our drink orders! It’s the season for it! And I am excited. One of my favorite pieces is a plaid jacket that takes a pair of jeans and a simple shirt to the next level. I’d love to learn more about the dos and don’ts of plaid and tweed if you have a chance to share! And maybe pictures of your favorite plaid pieces? So inspired!

One of my favorite fall outfits I wear is a black shift dress with a plaid jacket, then depending on the time of day or occasion, I’ll wear either ankle boots or flat riding boots. I love how versatile the outfit is and I always get great compliments. Of course another easy outfit with a plaid jacket is with jeans and I’ll switch up the boots with that too. Great post! I’m ready for fall!

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